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Primus Lite Plus Stove System

Primus Lite Plus Stove System

Primus's Lite Plus Stove System

The Primus Lite Plus stove is a compact and lightweight backpacking stove system which can feed 1-2 people and offers the most efficient heating in an easy to use and easy to pack footprint. Attach and lock the 0.5L pot to the burner with a simple twist. The Piezo igniter lights the stove with a push of a button so you can boil water quickly. The Laminar Flow Burner is extremely compact, and puts out a 4500BTU (1500 W) flame, boiling 0.5L water in less than three minutes in a quieter cooking experience. SImply pour directly from the attached pot spout, or if using another cooking pot use the included pots support pegs. If you are just 'hanging' around, you can unbuckle the handle and pair with the included suspension kit while waiting out the weather in a portaledge. The easily packed stove can be stowed with the a 100g gas canister into the hard-anodized aluminum pot that has a cork insulated sleeve made of G-1000 Eco Lite fabric for burn free handling. Combined with the Primus Coffee-Tea Press for a quick coffee break while on the trail (not included).

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