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WoolPower Zip Turtleneck 200

WoolPower Zip Turtleneck 200

SKU: 1678

Woolpower's winter 200gms long sleeved zip turtleneck top is a base layer but can also be used as a mid layer in very cold conditions.

Although it is a 200gms weight material of 60% Merino wool, 25% Polyester, 13% Polymide & 2% Elastine, it is constructed using loopstitch on the inside, thereby trapping more air and making that bit warmer!

Here is the official text "Prevents any build up of excess heat! Soft wool stored air inside to
insulate your body heat while touring. Merino wool also stands out for
its odor-neutralizing properties. This allows you to wear the
long-sleeve several days in a row without starting to smell. You can
give your skin some fresh, cool air using the zipper when necessary. The
Zip Turtleneck 200 is the perfect base layer"!

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