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Whitby Replacement Burner for Hand Warmers

Whitby Replacement Burner for Hand Warmers

SKU: 5244

After prolonged use the burner on you Whitby Hand Warmer will require replacement, it is easy to do and will keep your
hand warmer working like new. Whitby’s Hand Warmer Replacement Burner
lasts for approximately 90 uses and keeps your hand warmer hot for up to
12 hours.

  • Flameless heat
  • Platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner
  • Metal construction
  • Long lasting; provides 70 uses and up to 12 hours of warmth with one filling

Note: This burner is for Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers only. Rechargeable Zippo Hand Warmers do not use this burner.

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