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Trangia 25 Series 1.5L Inner Saucepan

Trangia 25 Series 1.5L Inner Saucepan

SKU: 642512

The Trangia 1.5l saucepan is suitable for all campers, expeditioner's.

The 1.75 litre saucepan sits within
the highly respected Trangia 25 Series of outdoor and camping cooking
appliances and cooksets.

This 1.75 litre saucepan has been produced
from Trangia’s Ultralight Aluminium, lightweight being easy to transport
yet able to conduct heat very well. Designed to spread heat quickly
and distribute evenly, this ensure food doesn’t burn and stick with in
the middle of the pan and in addition very resistant to scratching and

Trangia’s Ultralight Aluminium is 50% stronger than ordinary
aluminium. Consequently, less material is required to manufacture the
stove systems. As a result, they are lighter.

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