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Silva Scout XT Headtorch

Silva Scout XT Headtorch

SKU: 37693-01

Silva Scout XT®

The Silva Scout XT is the top level in the Scout battery range with extra features compared to the basic Scout and the Scout X, On top of the night vision preservation and battery level
indication from level two, it has an even more powerful light and longer
vision. So, if you’re a nature enthusiast, then this is a headlamp
worth getting excited about.

With a powerful 320 lm light output and a beam of 60 meters, Scout XT
lights up any dark hiking trail or camp. It’s got an additional red
light mode that preserves your night vision, as well as a battery level
indicator and large on/off button. With low weight and a comfortable
anti-slip headband, Scout XT is a great companion for hikers and campers
who want to stay another night – or two. Just bring some extra AAA
batteries and your lamp will be right there with you, for as long as you

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