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Paramo Women's Tempro Zip Neck Adriatic Marl

Paramo Women's Tempro Zip Neck Adriatic Marl


The Tempro Zip Neck is an extremely comfortable next-to-skin layer for outdoor activities in mid-range temperatures.

When layering up for the outdoors, it is hard to strike the right
balance between insulation and heat dissipation, depending on the

The Tempro is the perfect baselayer for mid-range temperatures,
giving excellent moisture management and light insulation. A deep
asymmetrical zip neck allows for individual temperature control. Soft,
stretchy fabric feels great next to skin.

So expect exceptional comfort in mid-range conditions combined with good temperature regulation.

The Tempro Zip Neck has a flattering athletic fit, a zip neck for ventilation, and a high collar for additional insulation.

  • Snug, athletic fit for optimal moisture transport and comfortable layering.
  • Deep, asymmetrical front zip for variable ventilation without creating bulk when layered.
  • Comfortable high collar for additional insulation and protection around the neck.

Parameta® T is a lightweight stretchy fabric for baselayers that are ideal for mid-range temperatures.

Parameta T FabricThis
directional fabric wicks effectively to spread perspiration and dry
quickly for comfort. It provides light insulation, making it excellent
for cooler conditions. Its soft feel is very comfortable against the
skin, even when worn for prolonged periods.

What it does:

All Parameta® A fabrics are directional
fabrics that wick very effectively, rapidly spreading perspiration over a
large area to provide maximum evaporation in order to keep you cool at
higher temperatures. They also block out virtually all damaging UV rays,
making garments that are ideal for warm weather activities and travel.

Parameta A comes in assorted weights to suit different requirements:

  • Ultra light for Trek & Travel Shirts (100% polyester)
  • Standard weight for Trek & Travel legwear (100% polyester)
  • Parameta A Cotton+ used both in selected shirts and legwear (cotton blended with modern synthetics for rugged comfort)

Key benefits:

  • Maximum evaporation and cooling through spread of perspiration over a large area
  • Rapid drying – eliminates cold spots after exercise by reducing ‘pooling’ of perspiration
  • Exceptional UV protection (equivalent to SPF 50+ protection)
  • Deters biting insects due to dense fabric weave
  • Wind resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable – but robust, durable fabric
  • Ideal when travelling – minimal weight to wear or carry, quick and easy to wash and dry on the move

How it works:

  1. Skin surface
  2. Parameta® A fabric draws perspiration away from the skin and spreads it rapidly over a large surface area.
  3. Moisture spreads and evaporates to ensure maximum cooling

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