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Paramo Mens Velez  Jacket Puffin

Paramo Mens Velez Jacket Puffin

SKU: 81449-01

The Velez combines discreet but very effective ventilation, with an athletic shape to minimise wind-resistance.

  • Optimum cooling when working hard provided by vents, combined with pocketing, carefully positioned for ease of use.
  • Enhanced weather protection when carrying a rucksack provided by mesh reinforcement in the back panel.
  • Athletic cut to minimise wind resistance and noise

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric is more than just breathable, it is directional.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Fabric

This means it is capable of moving liquid water away from your body and not just water vapour.

It is essential to avoid a build-up of water in your clothing system
when you are working hard, as too much retained moisture will lead to
your body rapidly chilling when you stop and rest.

In conventional clothing systems, approximately 20% of sweat
production is dealt with effectively, leaving the remaining 80% trapped

Nikwax Analogy garments are unique, in that they pump out this 80% of
liquid water and allow it to drain away; you are left feeling dry and

    £300.00 Regular Price
    £270.00Sale Price
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