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Paramo Mens Pajaro Jacket Moss

Paramo Mens Pajaro Jacket Moss


The Pájaro is designed for nature, outdoor photography and other country activities.

These activities involve exertion while moving, then remaining static
for long periods. To be comfortable, you need ventilation options to
reduce clothing changes when active and efficient moisture removal to
prevent chilling when static. Ideally, essential equipment should be in
easy reach.

Directional Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric gives dry comfort.
Temperature moderation is provided by vents on arms and torso.
Intelligent pocketing gives easy access to essentials.

The Pájaro Jacket offers plentiful pockets, excellent ventilation and a carefully designed hood

  • Easily accessible storage from eight well-placed pockets.
  • Good ventilation limits the need for clothing changes from upper arm
    vents, torso vents, two way front zip and sleeves that can be pushed up
    for cooling.
  • Uninterrupted vision in all weathers due to the fully-adjustable hood with wired peak which moves with you.

Nikwax Analogy® is a quiet and soft waterproof fabric that is more than just breathable, it is directional, moving liquid water.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Fabric

breathable membrane waterproofs fail because they cannot remove all the
sweat we produce when working hard, especially in cold, wet conditions.
Nikwax Analogy® overcomes this as it is not only breathable, but directional. The Analogy fabric directs condensation and sweat away from you, so it safely drains away. Read more here about the difference between directionality and breathability.

Because the fabric does not need membranes or laminates, it is rustle-free and flexible but still strong and durable.

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