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MSR Hand Held Piezo Igniter

MSR Hand Held Piezo Igniter

SKU: MSR 06930

MSRSpark your gas stove to life quickly and easily with the MSR Handheld Piezo igniter.

  • A
    simple press of the button on the back of the ingiter produces a
    reliable spark that will light your gas stove (sold separately)
  • Tube also collects a small amount of gas from the stove to aid ignition
  • Ignition element is protected inside the igniter's tube, making it more reliable than stove-mounted igniter's
  • MSR Handheld Piezo igniter is not compatible with the MSR Reactor stove, or other radiant burners
8cm long, 13g.
Reliably light most gas stoves with a push of a button!
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