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GoSystem Dynasty Multi Stove

GoSystem Dynasty Multi Stove

SKU: GS2299

The GoSystem Dynasty Multi Stove is a multi-fuel stove for simple, single burner family stove which is an ideal easy outdoor cooking stove which can also be used in cooler conditions.

Although named as a 'multi fuel' stove it is realy a gas stove that can take the both, the click in bayonet type gas, which is at times difficult to obtain, and by using the braided hose (included) it will take the screw on type which is the more freely available gas canisters.

Burn time are calculated on continuous burn times which are:-

220g gas cylinder 83 minutes

445g gas cylinder 161 minutes

227g bayonet gas cartridge 116 minutes

  • Auto start ignition
  • wide ranging flame control
  • Serrated pan supports
  • weight 1800g with case 1500g without
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