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Combat Survival Kit

Combat Survival Kit

SKU: CK015

Combat Survival Tin


Age Restricted Product: You must be 18 + to purchase this product.








Thoroughly revised and updated - the latest Combat Survival Tin
from BCB is used by Armed Forces personnel around the world and comes
packed in a weather resistant metal tin that fits easily into a pocket
and doubles up as a cooking pot or cup. Guaranteed to perform when
needed most, the Combat Survival Kit contains 20 essential survival
items including water resistant re-useable vinyl tape, liquid filled
button compass, folding knife, matches, pencil, water purification
tablets, survival wire, long-life candle, flint and striker,
multi-component fishing kit, high pitch whistle, sewing kit, wire
survival saw, LED light, 2 x cable ties, silicone tubing (can be used as
survival straw), survival instructions and accident evaluation form.










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