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Altberg Men's Sneeker Microlite Mk2

Altberg Men's Sneeker Microlite Mk2

SKU: AltbergSn-02

Altbergs legendary Sneeker® Microlite is possibly the most lightweight, all leather military boot ever made.

Developed in 1997 with input and help of serving soldiers based in
Catterick Garrison and other military bases around the UK. The input
from many of the NCO’s involved in training and developing the skills
and endurance of young recruits drove this development. As bootmakers we
listened and tried to interpret their requirements.

The requirement was for a leather boot that was shock absorbing,
lightweight with minimal moisture absorption, as on many tasks it was
inevitable that they would get wet inside, so minimal weight gain when
wet and fast drying were key requirements.

The Sneeker® Microlite has a high unlined leg and after more than 20
years it is still the first choice of many soldiers for selection and
training and everyday use.

NOTE: With soft leather boots - follow the instructions in the Altberg bootcare user guide. Used Guide

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