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Adventure Food Veggie Couscous

Adventure Food Veggie Couscous

SKU: AF VegCous

Adventure Foods are Dehydrated and not freeze dried as this adds to the flaviour of the food

Vegetable Couscous

Couscous with fruits and fresh mint taste.

1 portion
total energy600 kcal (2512 kJ)
net weight156 g
Storage life48 months
1. Open pouch at tear notch. Unfold bottom. Remove Oxygen
Absorber. 2. Add hot water up to line 6 (=0.280 litre). 3. Stir well. 4.
Close zipper. Allow to stand for 8 minutes. 5. Stir again. 6. Eat out
of the pouch.

Nutrition value/100 g

energy384 kcal (1605 kJ)
fat9.0 g (saturated: 0.9 g)
carbohydrates66.7 g (sugar: 10.9 g)
protein11.0 g
salt1.1 g
fibres7.0 g


couscous (61%), sunflower oil, raisins (6%), bell pepper, peas
(4%), tomato (4%), onion, glucose syrup, hydrolyzed protein (maize,
rapeseed), carrot (2%), modified starch (modified corn starch), parsley
(0.31%), mint (0.31%), garlic, acidulant (rosemary extract), pepper,
lemon flavour (maltodextrin, aroma)

Allergy info

Contains gluten.May contain traces of: peanuts, nuts.


The information provided above, reflects the most recent production.
Always read the product label for the correct information!

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