At Base Camp we aim to provide the right gear for the job so whether you are a walker, a backpacker or just someone who likes taking the dog out call in. You will always be welcome!

Latest Products

Suunto WTC Service Kit

Suunto WTC Service Kit (SS023327000)
Sales price: £8.00

Suunto Core/Essential Service Kit

Suunto Core/Essential Service Kit (SS023326000)
Sales price: £8.00

Suunto Core Round Watch strap kit, black

Suunto Core Round strap kit, black
Sales price: £30.00

Jetboil Minimo Skirt Cover

Jetboil Minimo skirt cover.
Sales price: £5.95

Top ten Products

JetBoil Flash Burner Head

JetBoil Flash - PCS replacement Burner Head
Sales price: £41.00

Cord Lock - Pacing Bead

Cord Lock - Pacing Bead
Sales price: £0.24

Commando Kilt Pin

Sales price: £69.75

Clamcleat Mini Line Lock

Clamcleat Mini Line Lock
Sales price: £0.30

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